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Robyn Metcalfe



Desert running and a PB&J sandwich—what connects these topics? A tenacious curiosity to see what you can learn by just jumping in! The same sense of wonder that called Dr. Robyn Metcalfe to run the great deserts of the world has led her to take on the task of mapping our current food supply. A historian, desert distance runner, and food futurist with a lifelong hunger to take on irrational challenges, Robyn Metcalfe marvels at what it takes to simply create a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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Contributing Editor

CORy leahy

Cory Leahy — editor, writer, runner, caterer, enthusiastic cook and veggie-leaning omnivore — has spent 20 years in publishing, digital content and marketing. Now she's stepping out of familiar labels and into lots of unknown territory to reimagine a next chapter that's all about food.

Program Director

Jennifer heitler

Jen asks more questions than the average bear and makes friends in odd places. Her passion is creating experiences that result in connection and new ideas. This is the common thread linking her jobs in television, film, software, marketing, and parenting. She is now aligning her experience, values, and insatiable quest for knowledge to focus on the exciting challenge of how we feed cities.

Ambassador Liaison

Cole Leslie



Cole is a researcher, food nerd, and self-proclaimed “bon vivant.” Along with his passion for sustainability, and entrepreneurial spirit, Cole’s keen interest in improving food systems drew him to Food+City’s mission of bold food supply chain exploration. He is currently pursuing postgraduate education courses from Stanford and Tufts, in writing and sustainable food systems respectively. Outside of coursework and Food+City, you can find Cole with his wife and young son: cooking,dancing, laughing and being outside.

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