The Food Lab @ UT is now Food+City!

For over four years now, The Food Lab at The University of Texas at Austin has been thinking big about the food system. We’ve brought together students, professors, researchers, and innovators across the world to spark a more productive dialogue about how we feed our cities. We’ve held two conferences in Boston and Austin that attracted international speakers and attendees from diverse backgrounds including academia, industry, agriculture, and technology. We’ve discovered and encouraged student innovation on the UT Austin campus, and we’ve challenged innovators everywhere to bring us their best business ideas for solving problems in the food system.

We’re proud of and inspired by the vibrant community of bright, passionate, food-oriented thinkers we’ve helped grow here in Austin. We adhere to the UT motto that what starts here changes the world, and it’s time to take our ambitions global.

As of today, The Food Lab will become a part of Food+City. Why? Because our experience these past four years encouraged us to focus on how we feed our cities. We discovered that you wanted more on this topic. We can use this new focus to bring you deeper, more provocative and creative projects. 

Food+City is a platform for bold exploration of the global food system. We provoke fresh perspectives on the realities of how we feed cities, and inspire action. Our mission will manifest itself in a number of ways -- just one of which is the return of the Food Challenge Prize (now the Food+City Challenge Prize), focused on logistical challenges and opportunities.

Don’t worry; it’s still us. The mission of the Food Lab has always been to provide awareness of food issues, to encourage and motivate food system research, and to provide support for those exploring and experimenting. We’ve thrived on connecting people, projects and purposes. We will continue to celebrate the fresh perspectives we can bring that will help us better understand our food system. All of that will continue, and our home here at the University of Texas at Austin is our flagship. We’ll still host the Challenge Prize, explore the Miracle of Feeding Cities, and provide support to startups that are leveraging university research. That’s just the start, though. The promise and encouragement we’ve seen here at UT Austin has inspired us to grow beyond our walls.

Learn more about Food+City on this site.  We’ll have a lot to share over the coming months. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally if you have additional questions.

We hope you’ll join us as we think even bigger about the food system, and amplify what has started here to inspire more action and change.

Onward and upwards!

Dr. Robyn S. Metcalfe