below are the judging criteria the judges will be using for both rounds when evaluating your business. 

  • Team Competence = 25 points
    • Do they have the skills and temperaments needed for a startup and for a sustainable business?
  • Marketing Plan = 25 points
    • Do they have adequate knowledge and understanding of their competition, customer base and barriers to entry? Can they clearly articulate the problem to be solved?
  • Financial Plan = 25 points
    • Do they have a clear business proposition, supported by a solid cost-and-revenue analysis for at least five years out?
    • Have they identified funding sources?
    • How will they / do they make money?
    • How many customers or sales are needed to break even?
  • Unique value proposition = 25 points
    • Can they describe the value the product and/or service offers the customer and how they differentiate?
  • Bonus Points
    • Demonstrate in your pitch how you’re innovating within the supply chain to get healthier food to more people with less waste in a more efficient way.

TOTAL = 100 points





Round 1: Judge's visit your table

The first round of judging is on Feb. 4, 2017, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm. It will be informal as the judges casually walk around to each team’s 6' x 3' table. The judges disperse and spend 7-9 minutes at each table. We encourage you to be creative in your set-up. Feel free to include samples, business materials/handouts, posters, swag or anything fun and interactive that would make your business stand out.


The Top 10 will enter the second round of judging and present their Three-Minute Pitch. We recommend using the book "Get Backed" by Evan Baehr as your guide. For reference, you can download the pitch deck chapter here.

ALL teams must submit a three-minute PowerPoint to present to the advisors on practice pitch day (Friday) as well as at prize on saturday in the event that they are one of the Top 10 Finalists.

Your PowerPoint presentation file MUST be compatible on a PC computer. If your presentation contains any videos, it is your responsibility to ensure that the video file is formatted to play on a PC.

Please submit your team’s PowerPoint or PDF file to krystalb@austin.utexas.edu no later than 5pm on Wednesday Feb. 1, for Practice Pitch Day and by 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 4, for Prize to krystalb@austin.utexas.edu.