Food+City is a platform for bold exploration of the global food system. We provoke fresh perspectives on the realities of how we feed cities, and inspire action. 

You’ll hear, see, and feel the Food+City stories manifest themselves in a number of ways over the next year as we uncover unexpected connections between disciplines -- science and art, culture and technology, history and innovation -- and bring together ideas and happenings from all over the globe.

Food+City grew out of The Food Lab at the University of Texas at Austin. You can read more about our evolution on our blog


food+City Challenge prize

The Food+City Challenge Prize is an early-stage business startup competition encouraging innovation in food. The 2016 competition encourages innovators to create businesses and discover technologies that improve how we feed cities.  

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Food+City connects the global food industry around the world to the programs and information that is important to them. We are excited to host events throughout the year, bringing all aspects of the food industry together to create better ways to feed our cities. 

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