Food+City 2015 Gift Guide

Food+City 2015 Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching, and you might be scratching your head over what to get that foodie/techie/futurist/history nerd you love so much. From stories of shipping containers, to molecular gastronomy, to one killer dinner party in 19th century Philadelphia, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite food books that look at how we eat (and have eaten) in an unusual light. 

Author: Marc Levinson.

Levinson details the A&P’s fight to become the first vertically integrated grocery store. Slashing the cost of food for most families, the A&P met resistance for it’s monopolistic business.


Author: Rose George.

Rose George has gone to some far lengths to show readers the fervent world of shipping stuff. That includes living on a container ship for a stint. The book is no less illuminating than her research is thorough.


Author: Hervé This. 

This (pronounced Tess) is NOT a chef, he’ll tell you. He is a molecular gastronomist and a chemist. He uses compounds to create not just food, but entirely different creations. More than an experiment in foodie trends, This believes formulating foods from powders and oil could solve world hunger.


Author: Bee Wilson.


Wilson takes an interdisciplinary look at how the simplest of kitchen items--like graters, whisks and forks--have shaped our modern cuisine. Innovation for the sake of getting more and better food into our mouths, as it turns out, is a practice as old as mankind.


Author: Becky Libourel Diamond.

In 1851, a friendly competition between a group of New Yorkers and Philadelphians culminated into a thousand dollar dinner for the win. Diamond details the 12 hour long, 17 course meal, in all its decadence using fascinating and detailed historical research.


Author: Matthew Gavin Frank.

Frank, a creative nonfiction writer from Michigan, toured all 50 states -- ostensibly to write about a defining dish, but in the process, built a literary playground that will keep you shifting, if not skipping, gears from one chapter to the next chapter. Frank was recently interviewed on one of our favorite podcasts, Gastropod, about the historical and scientific discoveries he uncovered while researching the dishes. Fascinating, genre-challenging food writing.


Food+City Magazine Issue #1 or the Food+City Magazine Combo Pack

Our very first print issue includes stories of food movement, such as how bananas get to bodegas, gelato through Rome and what the Panama Canal has meant--and will mean--for our food. Other great inclusions: An artistic map of ingredients moving into and out of a sandwich shop in Austin, TX, an historic recipe and small stories on pallets and milk cartons.  

Choose between our first print issue or our combo pack, which includes the first and second issue.