Really, Really Smart Cities

Really, Really Smart Cities

At Food+City, we think a lot about the relationship between food and our cities. Now, through the artistry of Josh Cochran, we can look at how food might fit into future urban landscapes and what urban designers now call Smart Cities. We contacted three really, really smart people for their visions of what our food-wise city might look like in the future, and Josh brought it to life

Prize Alum Agruppa: Empowering Bodegas in Bogotá

After taking second place in a winner-take-all $1 million seed capital competition in 2013 (ouch!), Agruppa co-founder and CEO Carolina Medina moved forward undeterred. She and a partner launched in Colombia and are making a big difference for mom-and-pop shops in Bogotá. Six months after Agruppa took a Silver Prize at the 2016 Food+City Challenge Prize, we checked in with Carolina to hear about their progress.

The Food Corridor: A Rising Tide that Lifts All Food Startups

Inspired by sharing economy businesses like Uber, Air BNB, The Food Corridor brings together commercial kitchens with excess capacity and nascent food businesses in need of kitchen space. It’s a win-win for all players. Since taking a silver prize in February at the 2016 Food+City Challenge Prize, founder and CEO Ashley Colpaart launched The Food Corridor’s platform in Colorado. We recently caught up with her to find out how her novel idea is moving forward.


Challenge Prize Alum Real Food Solutions Acquired by Pink Stork Solutions

Startup to acquisition: that’s the ideal path for many new businesses. For one 2016 Challenge Prize winner, that major milestone came just five months after winning a silver award. As part of our series on startup successes, we visited with Real Food Solutions co-founder and CEO Neheet Trivedi about this exciting milestone and the journey that led to it.

From Curbside Compost to Competitive Advantage: Challenge Prize Alum Garbage to Garden Keeps Winning

Tyler Frank’s small company, Garbage to Garden, started hustling compostable materials in white buckets from the Portland homes to his warehouse in 2012, creating a service that produces compost and energy through a system of farms and biodigesters. The company took silver in our Food+City Challenge Prize competition in February, and on a recent visit Tyler brought me up to date.