The Food+City Challenge Prize is an international competition among business start-ups encouraging innovation in the urban food system. Finalists compete for cash prizes and an incredible package of business startup products and services.  We encourage innovators, from across the globe, to create businesses and discover technologies that will improve how we feed cities around the world.  Finalists work with their mentors for 12 weeks to prepare for Showcase Day presentations.

How it Works

We choose finalists from the entries submitted between September 1st and October 15th. Our esteemed advisers pair the finalists with qualified mentors until Showcase Day in February. On Showcase Day, the finalists will pitch and demonstrate their startup businesses before a panel of judges and attendees. 

Dr. Robyn Metcalfe on Feeding Your Curiosity

http://www.bestfoodfacts.org/food-for-thought/metcalfe-food-curiosity Fear of food is not healthy, and as people's interest in food and conversations about food grow, so does unnecessary fear about what to eat and what not to eat.

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