Introducing our 2017 Food+City Challenge Prize Finalists

 bucketload high-tech harvesting

Bucketload High-Tech Harvesting makes harvest information available via Cloud technology. Instantly know what's coming from the field to the market.

Eat Pakd

Eat Pakd is modernizing school lunch by delivering healthy and customizable lunches directly to families' homes. We developed a proprietary (and patent pending) packaging solution that allows kids to mix-and-match each component of our lunches, building their favorite lunch online or at home. The packaging is fresh sealed and allows for broad distribution via ground shipping.


Epicure presents robotic vending bars that offer sustainable, delicious, nutrition in an innovative, healthy, convenient, accessible and affordable way.

Evaptainers_Logo_Master copy.jpg


Evaptainers are electricity-free refrigeration units that run on nothing but water. They are a low-cost, easy-to-use, and mobile solution to the global problem of post-harvest food spoilage. Utilizing the phenomenon of evaporation, Evaptainers are able to extend the shelf life of fresh produce by at least 100%.

farm fare

Farm Fare is a mobile market and logistics app that makes the business of buying and selling local foods faster, cheaper and more sustainable.

fresh surety

FreshSurety is an Internet-of-Things technology that solves the fresh produce industry’s $200 billion waste problem by reporting carton-level shelf life anywhere in the world for a few cents per case.

Hazel Technologies, llc

Hazel Technologies, LLC reduces agricultural waste with products that extend the shelf-life of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants. Our products help our customers increase their revenue by increasing utilization, decreasing rejection and downgrading, and improving customer retention.


Joe's Organics

Joe’s Organics is Austin's food recycler. We pick up food waste from green businesses, compost it, and grow specialty produce for chefs and farmers markets.


Local Libations

The Barfly System by Local Libations utilizes proprietary IoT technology to clear the retail blind spot, allowing manufacturers, distributors, and retailers within the beer industry to track the location and volume of their kegs; everywhere, all the time.


NÜWIEL is a technology startup from Germany. Our goal is to revolutionize city logistics by offering sustainable transportation solutions. We develop intelligent e-powered bicycle trailers to efficiently move goods in urban areas.

Open data Nation

Open Data Nation transforms open, public data about public health inspections of restaurants into reliable predictions of when and where establishments will fail and pose a risk to public health and safety. 


Phenix provides businesses with waste reduction services in order to raise the potential of their waste. Using an innovative digital application & B2B services and tools, Phenix facilitates the second life of products as in-kind donations


OriginTrail enables food producers to differentiate themselves based on the origin of their products while building direct and authentic relationships between shoppers and food producers to enable ethical consumption.


Rise is a green startup that upcycles spent barley from microbreweries into flour for bakers. We produce a sustainable, organic, high-protein, nutritious and inexpensive alternative flour that has a wide range of applications – from cookies to pasta!   


rust belt riders

Rust Belt Riders offers commercial food waste producers a logistics-based alternative to landfills that is clean, timely and benefits their community. Rust Belt Riders turns waste into wealth through the conversion of discarded food into value added products.

Science for society 

Science for Society (S4S), India is the foodtech company that works on solar powered food dehydrators with farmers. With its UN award winning patented technology of Solar Conduction Dryer, S4S reduces post harvest losses, increases shelf life, and brings extra profit to farmers.


Smallhold grows mushrooms and leafy greens 3/4 of the way and delivers it into high-output farm enclosures installed at our users' places of business - providing the freshest, most local food anyone can get, at a fraction of the cost.

yarok technology transfer ltd

Yarok has developed a fast microbiological testing system for the fresh food industry, protecting consumers and safeguarding producer interests.  Stop the product recalls due to the lack of truly fast testing for individuation of dangerous bacteria.